Introducing Tonbo’s advanced Endpoint and Real-Time PCR reagents

Tonbo’s advanced Endpoint and Real-Time reagents engineered to maximize yield, specificity, sensitivity & speed.  Providing the molecular immunologist with convenient tools for even the most challenging PCR reactions - try them today! Introductory savings on all PCR reagents

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Separation Anxiety? Save on LSM

Lymphocyte Separation Medium (LSM) is a sterile filtered iso-osmotic solution designed for isolation of lymphocytes from diluted whole blood. For the month of August, save when you purchase 2 or more bottles of Tonbo's LSM.

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Cy –> Cyanine

Over the next 1-2 months Tonbo products that include ‘Cy’ as part of their name will begin to change to ‘Cyanine’. This includes APC-Cy7, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7 and PerCP-Cy5.5 formats, corresponding to Tonbo catalog number prefixes 25, 55, 60 and 65. Changes will first appear on the website, followed by updated Technical Data Sheets. Product labels [...]

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Ready! Set! Activate!…or Block, Neutralize, Deplete!

Look to Tonbo for a wide selection of mouse and human antibodies in our no azide, low endotoxin and carrier-free In Vivo Ready™ (IVR) format. Endotoxin levels less than 0.01 EU/µg of protein means they are ideal for sensitive in vivo or in vitro assays like neutralization, blocking or activation. We are also happy to offer any of our existing clones in IVR [...]

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Validated reagents. Trusted by your peers.

Check out what researchers around the world are doing with reagents from Tonbo. Our flow and In Vivo Ready antibodies, buffers, and RPx Pro™ recombinant proteins are being cited in top immunology journals. We provide quality, validated reagents to support your immunology workflow - now you can read about them in a growing selection of [...]

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Providing an integrated portfolio for your immunology workflow

Tonbo Biosciences has the tools you need for immunology research. Our antibodies, reagents and support products provide unparalleled value at every step in your workflow. Need bulk or custom services? We do that too. We have an introductory discount just for Chromocyte readers.

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Coming soon: PCR product line

Our PCR products feature: Advanced reaction buffers rigorously developed to provide optimal success with a variety of applications with little to no protocol optimization --  easy-to-use, robust performance Enzymes engineered to increase yield, sensitivity, specificity, and speed dNTPs and MgCl2 included in the pre-optimized reaction buffer for convenience and value Most Endpoint products available as [...]

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Ready – Set – Flow!™ Backbone Panels

CONVENIENTLY BUNDLED + VALUE PRICED Ready-Set-Flow™ Backbone Panels conveniently bundle essential antibodies in pre-defined multicolor combinations, with flexibility for additional drop-in markers. Bundles are value priced versus purchasing individually.

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130 New Recombinant Proteins & Over 400 of the top antibodies in stock in Europe

Now offering a comprehensive suite of carrier-free human & mouse RPx-Pro™ Recombinant Proteins to meet your bioassay needs! Buy any 3 Recombinant Proteins and save on your entire order! Over the past 6 months, Tonbo has significantly increased the size of our flow cytometry and recombinant protein portfolios: 130 new RPx-Pro recombinant protein specificities, plus an additional [...]

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Tonbo Biosciences – Runner Up in the 2014 CiteAb Antibody Awards

Tonbo is one of three companies recognized by the 2014 CiteAB Antibody Awards in the “Most Impressive Startup” category!  The category recognizes the young antibody company that has most impressed the rest of the sector in its first three years.  More details here. RUNNER UP: Tonbo Biosciences Launched in January 2013 by a team of [...]

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