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Now offering a comprehensive suite of carrier-free human & mouse RPx-Pro™ Recombinant Proteins to meet your bioassay needs!

Buy any 3 Recombinant Proteins and save on your entire order! Over the past 6 months, Tonbo has significantly increased the size of our flow cytometry and recombinant protein portfolios:

  • 130 new RPx-Pro recombinant protein specificities, plus an additional pack size!
  • New human clones in multiple formats – CD2, CD4, CD5, CD10, CD20, CD23, CD38, CD45, CD56
  • Anti-mouse FoxP3 clone 3G3 in PE-Cy7 and PerCP-Cy5.5
  • Lymphocyte Separation Medium (Ficoll alternative)
  • Flow Cytometry Sheath Fluid 30X concentrate – small bottle means lower shipping fees!
  • All available NOW through VWR!
  • 400+ top antibodies in stock at VWR Europe

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