12 08, 2015

Introducing Tonbo’s advanced Endpoint and Real-Time PCR reagents

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Tonbo’s advanced Endpoint and Real-Time reagents engineered to maximize yield, specificity, sensitivity & speed.  Providing the molecular immunologist with convenient tools for even the most challenging PCR reactions - try them today!

3 08, 2015

Separation Anxiety? Save on LSM

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Lymphocyte Separation Medium (LSM) is a sterile filtered iso-osmotic solution designed for isolation of lymphocytes from diluted whole blood.

1 08, 2015

Cy –> Cyanine

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Over the next 1-2 months Tonbo products that include ‘Cy’ as part of their name will begin to change to ‘Cyanine’. This includes APC-Cy7, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7 and PerCP-Cy5.5 formats, corresponding to Tonbo catalog number prefixes 25, 55, 60 and 65. Changes will first appear on the website, followed by updated Technical Data Sheets. Product labels [...]