Harmonize Your Lab

Get An Amazon Echo Dot & a $20 Amazon Gift Card For Your Lab Group With All Orders Over $500

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Meet your new lab assistant, Alexa!

Let Alexa streamline your lab’s needs with her hands free technology and voice recognition. Download Alexa skills like uber, starbucks and translated to enable enhanced Alexa features. Create shopping lists and to-do lists that can be viewed easily on any computer or phone signed into the Amazon account that is linked to Alexa.

Just let Alexa know what your lab needs help with.

“Alexa, set my timer for 40 minutes”
“Alexa, set another timer for 30 minutes”
“Alexa, what experiment is on my calendar for tomorrow?”
“Alexa, convert 200 μgs to mgs?”
“Alexa, add CD3 FITC to my Tonbo shopping list”
“Alexa, add a reminder to check on my experiment in an hour.”
“Alexa, how do you spell flow cytometry?”
“Alexa, add a 2:00PM meeting to my calendar”
“Alexa, what’s the square root of 6,789?”
“Alexa, Enable Starbucks Reorder skill”

“Alexa, tell Starbucks to start my order”

Coming soon is a Tonbo Alexa Skill which will have new products, current promos, contact information, and more.

Organizing your lab’s flow and great reagents from Tonbo are sure to advance your science!

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Must purchase $500 or more of Tonbo reagents on a single order to qualify for an Amazon Echo Dot. Excludes custom products and services. Promotion valid while supplies last. Direct U.S. customers only. May be used with other promotional pricing at the discretion of Tonbo Biosciences. Promotion code must be presented at time of order. By placing order, you warrant that you are not prohibited by employment, contract, policy or law from receiving this promotion. Void where prohibited by law or policy.