Tonbo is one of three companies recognized by the 2014 CiteAB Antibody Awards in the “Most Impressive Startup” category!  The category recognizes the young antibody company that has most impressed the rest of the sector in its first three years.  More details here.

RUNNER UP: Tonbo Biosciences

Launched in January 2013 by a team of immunologists, researchers and industry leaders, Tonbo Biosciences came into the market with a highly disruptive business model – 30-50% lower list price than any competitor in the space. The company aims to serve the research community by offering equivalent performing products at a significantly reduced cost, allowing researchers to stretch their funding. The company has a competitive antibody portfolio for flow cytometry with over 2000 catalog products, including an expanded offering of recombinant proteins. Tonbo has grown its portfolio and revenue every quarter since launch.